Oldie, but still works


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
The old rooster was walking around the barnyard when the new rooster was unloaded off of the truck. the young rooster walked straight over to the old rooster and said,"OK old man it is over pack your bags and leave, I am taking over". The old rooster said,"Well it has been a good long run, I knew this day would come, but could you do me a small favor?", "What is it?" the young rooster asked. "Well I have been the only rooster for along time, so instead of just walking away, lets have a race, we will run around the barn three times whoever wins gets to stay and the loser goes, now you are going to win so let me lead until the last lap and then pass me at the very end OK?, I will say I lost fair and square and walk away with a little dignity." The young rooster says sure, and they take off, the old rooster is just barely in front of the young rooster, the young rooster is just right on his butt, they make the third lap and the old farmer steps out of the barn and blows the young rooster away with his shot gun,nothing left but feathers. The farmer scratches his head and says, "Darn, that is the third queer rooster I have brought home this week"

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