Olive Egger vs. Black Copper Maran chicks

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  1. sarahandbray

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Can someone remind me how to tell the difference between my Olive Eggers and my Black Copper Marans at 5 weeks? They are all black with fluffy legs--and I "think" I can tell the fluffy-ish cheeks on the Olive Eggers but I'm not 100% positive.
    Got them from Chicken Scratch Poultry with leg bands on to tell the Olive Eggers from the BCM's but I had to take them off on week 1.

    Any help or descriptive differences would be great! Thanks! I can post pics too--just not home at the moment.

  2. Catsundchickens

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    Jun 1, 2014
    Lower Hudson Valley NY
    I received 3 Olive Eggers in early July from Meyer Hatchery. I also received Marans from a different source. All three of my all of OEs have little bits of white banding an otherwise dark feathers. One has leg feathers. 2 have "hats." I don't know if they differ between breeders and hatcheries as they are my first but here's a photo so at least you can see what my look like they were very obviously different than my black copper Marans, my blue copper Marans and my blue/ splash Marans.hope this helped! They have not begun to egg yet . Sorry for typos. Bad Siri! [​IMG]
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