Olive Egger with Freckled Egg ** Fixxed Pic**

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    Last year I posted about a hens my mom had that had one green leg and one slate blue leg.She also hads white skin on one side and yellow on the other. She turn out to be a character around the yard. She thinks the feed taste better in your hand then out of a feeder. She complains if you put feed in a feeder and not feed her by hand. Well, I hatched an egg from her and she is also a character. She wants me to let her out of her yard, into my moms yard to lay in her coop and when she is done let her back in. If she is ready to lay and she sees me, she will holler at me to let her out. Well she started laying a month and a half ago and she laid an olive egg( mother layed more green) and she has been laying an olive egg with dark brown freckles. Here is a pic.

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    that looks like a rooster...
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    Quote:x2 [​IMG] did you post the right photo??

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