OMG, 9 chicks and I think I'll be lucky if even 1 is female!


8 Years
Dec 20, 2015
North Hollywood, CA
Hi, I gave a guy a cute male BCM rooster I had and he gave me some dark hatching eggs. He breeds Black, Blue Marans and Olive Eggers. 9 hatched, and I gave away 2. 7 chicks have been out in my coop with the big chickens bc it's so hot since they were a few days old (in a brooder, but now they are integrated). So today I took a closer look and did a photo shoot. I am pretty sure there is only hope for 1 of them to be a pullet!!! I will wait and hope, but what do you think. Attaching album. What a lesson in statistics...

PS I think 1 is the pullet. What do you think?

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I'm hoping for you that #1 is a pullet - I had some olive egger backcrosses (3/4 Marans, 1/4 Silverrudds, Ameraucana, or Legbar) that had super thick legs as chicks, but now a few of them appear to be pullets at 7 weeks old. Hold on to hope!

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