OMG!!..coy dogs were just in my yard!!


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We were just sitting down to have supper..and we hear our dogs going crazy, outside on our deck. So we run out and we see a coy dog running away from our goat pen(which is right by my chicken coop)......
.... so my (brave-crazy) husband runs off the deck(with no protection) to check on the goats, they were fine, thank god! And all the while we can hear them howling in the woods surrounding my back yard!..creepy!...this is the same pack of 5 coy's that has been around, but lately it seems they are getting very brave!...what can i do?...i already have 3 BIG dogs....and its not keeping them away!....i'm scared my goats or chickens or ducks or (god forbid) my dogs will get attacked someday!..what can i do?..we cant shoot them..we dont have a gun..(unless you count a BB gun! other tips please!..thanks, Wendy
get a gun, or try one of those air horn canisters like they use at ball games ... Last fall I went out in my bare feet and nightgown to get my last stubborn cat in and there was one sitting about 10' from my concrete patio (on which the cat was sitting). I ran toward it and yelled, clapping hands (and generally looking like an idiot, I'm sure) and it stood still until I got about halfway to it, then casually loped off into the field. I kept close watch for it the next few days, but thankfully I haven't seen any since them.
I'm not sure if what you are calling a coy dog would be a coyote here? If you can't shoot or trap them you need very good fencing for your animals with tops on the pens and buried wire on the ground to keep them out.
A BB gun would sting enough to get them heading in the other direction, but I personally would use something along the lines of a 30.06.

As you don't have a rifle, the only thing you can do is make sure your pens are like Fort Knox, and all you animals are closed up tight, especially at night.

We're working on electrifying our fencing. I believe it's the only real way to keep a determined pack at bay, aside from shooting them all.

Do you have any friend who are hunters and wouldn't mind laying out for them?

Good luck-
hi guys..thanks for the replys... yeah we do lock them up every night...but i guess we will have to start doing so earlier now! poor goats...usually when they see us in the yard..they start Bahh!..Bahhing! real loud..tonight when we ran outside..they were just standing there stock still on their porch and being quiet as a mouse! they must of been scared also!...maybe its time to get a gun...thanks guys, Wendy
Coydogs are a Coyote/Dog hybrid...They just mean trouble...

Wild coydogs and dogotes can cause problems for humans, as they allegedly have the infamous cunning of coyotes but lack their natural fear of humans.
yeah..they are not really afraid at all...they have been around here(my road) for a long while now..but..they just seem to be getting braver and braver!
my hubby even tried to the coop and goat pen area..thinking it would keep them away..i explained to him that..they have been around this road for a long while now... there is a deer trail(going to the water)..where the dogs sometimes hunt the deer... is right at the edge of my back yard...where the goat pen ALSO is....and i explained that the dogs have smelled us for a long time now..and they are just not afriad anymore..
If you don't shoot or trap them, you WILL lose your critters. You don't say in what state you live, but by the term for used for a coyote it is the east coast. Check with the local sporting goods store and they will have someone that can help you.
How do you tell the difference, are they just bigger than regular coyotes? I am curious because of my parents having some very bold coyotes, wonder if they are coydogs instead?
Brrrr. Definitely time for you to get a gun.

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