OMG!! Did I KILL THEM already??? 110 degrees for couple hours day ONE!


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Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
OMG I am freaking out. Did I kill them already? I had it set and running at just under 100 and turner was working and all was well and I got the eggs to "room temperature" and put them in and it took a long time to get back up to temp, I had to leave and I get back 4 hours later and it was at 110 degrees

I can't believe this has happened. Are they dead? What do I do. I have planned and planned and researched and now this???? I droppped it back down to 100 and am monitoring it, but, I am crying....what a disaster.... Please help.
candle when? isn't it too early? It could have been as long as 4 hours...I don't know...could have only been 3...I don't know what is considered lethal?
Just keep going like usual.

In especially still airs, the cooler room temp eggs can cause the air temp to rise because the thermostat registers the effect of cooler eggs inside.

I wouldn't worry too much in just 4 hours this early in incubation. Eggs were probably not even at temp yet.
3 days if they are pale eggs 7 if they are really dark it's the only way
If it helps I had the same problem with 40 eggs on day 1 the temp went to 117 overnight i caught it early in the morning left the incubator lid off for a few minutes to cool and 33 hatched so it may not be bad news. Just a stressful wait to see I'm afraid
I think she is on day one. I dont think you will see much if you candle the eggs. I would get temp steady and incubate for a good 7 to 10 days and then candle them. good luck
it is the hovabator with the turbofan circulated air. I definately think it is my held steady overnight and is holding steady now, but, when I put in the eggs, it would not increase in temp (of course, common sense now says because it had to reheat the eggs...) so.....I turned it up.....
Always, always leave your incubator temps alone when you set eggs. It takes hours and sometimes a day for the temps to come back correctly. I think your alright too since it's only day on. Good luck!!

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