OMG IT MOVED !!!!!!!!!!

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    Apr 21, 2011
    Okay this being my third attempt on hatching anything. I put the 14 eggs from my banty hen (who abandoned them) in my incubator. She had 8 chicken eggs and 6 guinea eggs under her. Out of all of those the only ones with constant development was 2 chicken and 3 guineas.

    Out of those, I just candled them and one was MOVING!! Like completely obviously moving!!
    They are due the 26th, this may or may not be accurate because I don't know exactly when she started laying on them and she added a couple.

    I am terribly excited. If they hatch this will be my first hatch ever!!

    On my previous attempts, I had the egg turner in. The humidity was inconsistant. And nothing was right what so ever.

    On this one. I took the egg turner out. I now turn by hand. The humidity is at a steady 40%, and the temps are way more steady.

    I think I have it all figured out now.

    I hope they make it. Wish me luck!

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