OMG!! My mom turned up the temp UPDATE possible pip!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by GJ_Kate, Mar 25, 2011.

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    I just got home from work and my mother (who lives with us and is 82) told me that when she looked at the bator a little while ago, the temperature said 70 degrees... So, she tells me "I turned it up". [​IMG] OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! She looked at the HUMIDITY reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG] I just checked the temp and from what I can best tell it's about 101 or 102 in there. [​IMG] I immediately turned it down and unplugged one of the red plugs (LG bator). Holy crap-o-la!!! [​IMG] There are 4 bourbon red turkey eggs in there, my FIRST hatch!!!! [​IMG] I turned it down, but didn't really know how far to turn since I hadn't messed with it for about a month! [​IMG]
    I feel like crying, but my mom's already really upset about it all. I just calmed down, got myself a Mike's Hard Lemonade and got on here..... But this is what I'd like to do to my mother right now [​IMG]

    UPDATE: DH and I think we see one or two of the eggs rocking a little bit and a pip on one. Its in a bad spot to be able to see it well. It looks like a tiny peice of shell on the underside of the wide end in hanging down a little bit. But we can't see it well enough to tell if there's a hole...... driving me crazy!!!!!! [​IMG]

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  2. Emmalion

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    [​IMG] You're going to be fine. Those are not horrible temps.
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    Quote:Don't be too mad at the poor dear. She was just trying to help. That said first instinct is to beat the helper I know.

    They should be ok. I have had temps spike and the chicks still hatched.
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    Please keep us posted. Hopefully all will be well and you'll have some adorable little fuzzybutts very soon. [​IMG]

  5. FireTigeris

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    Breath, They will likely be ok, that's within range for living things, over 104 is trouble for a length of time, (biologically speaking)
  6. wpalmisano

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    101-102 should be fine, because the internal temperature of the egg will stay a little lower for a few hours. They say an internal egg temperature of 105 for any amount of time is the kill mark. Cross your fingers.
  7. i'm sorry, must be very frustrating. But those temps are not so high as to cause damage. i wouldn't worry about it.

  8. Cetawin

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    They should be fine but I have a question....why are the red plug still in? My bator said to remove them at lockdown and I always did so i was wondering ?
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    Quote:Can't say about turkeys but I just finished a very good hatch for chicks and the temp was 100.0 or higher through most of it. Also I plugged the vent hole to up the humidity off and on near the end. The hatch started early (tues) and finished some time this morning which is day 21. 21/23 not to bad. I have a Gen 1588.

    The thing with these thermometers I think is you have to figure where they REALLY are. I don't use the glass kind. I have the digital I bought with the incubator.

    I guess this has nothing to do with OP's plight but I expect for a short time no harm is done.

    Hope all goes well


  10. GJ_Kate

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    I'm pretty sure I've read on here that to help up the humidity, you put the red plugs in at lockdown. Especially for me because I live in very very dry area (we're talking like 10%), so for me to get it up to 70% for my turkeys, I actually had to close up a bunch of the holes! [​IMG]

    I'm really more upset at the fact that she made my heart stop when she told me what she did! [​IMG]

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