OMG....Please help me with the noise...Turkeys babies will not stop


12 Years
Aug 7, 2007
near ottawa ontario
I bought a trio of naggs from a gentleman and at the same time i bought 6 almost 4 weeks old babies nag.
The the babies were with mommy at that time
I bought them all home.
I put the trio in one pen and put the babies in another pen
Well the babies will not shut up. Morning till night. It is driving me nuts.
I dont have their mom
It has been 2 weeks now. Thinking they will soon settle in. But they are not.They are eating ect.

So today i got fed up and put them in with the big birds. Well the noise stopped they were happy little poulets.. But because the big ones didnt want them there, THey started picking on them. So i had to move them back again. They are worst now than ever'

I dont know what to do next. ? Any suggestions.?
Turkeys are flock animals and the poults are looking for "mom". Are they outside at 4 weeks old? Poults will also yelp if they are cold. Did all 3 of the bigger birds pick on the them? You might want to try putting them in with the poults one at a time and see if any of them will take to the poults.

no. They are in there own pen inside the barn. When i had them with the big ones. THey go out in the pen outside. Both females picked on them. I wasnt sure if I should of left them there and see if the picking will stop ..I am new to turkeys this year. I know with chickens. If they are not the same size. They will kill them. I wasnt sure that is the same with the turkeys.

I am getting young turkeys in. But i dont want to put them together because they are coming in from a different spot.
Should i try again.?
I think Steve is saying, try taking one of the older turkeys and putting it with the babies in a separate pen and see if that turkey will accept the poults by itself. If you have a very motherly chicken hen, she may work also.
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We put ours in with a Cochin pair. The Cochins actually stand and protect them. They are bigger than the chickens now and the Cochins still stand guard

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