OMG, temp dropped! HELP QUAIL~


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Jul 11, 2008
Winter Haven, FL
So temp has been maintained at 99.6 for 16 days. I just checked and it's at 97* 65% humidity.
what do i do? i flipped the temp up and i pray it rises quickly. I have been gone since 2 so i have no clue how long it has been like this. I put water in earlier to raise humidity, do you think it made it cooler in there?

Oh god , here we go again with the belly aches!! I need tums or something!!


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Sep 12, 2009
Casa Grande
They will be fine. My temps often drop and spike in my bator. I have found as long as the majority of the time it is up above 99.5 and a brief drop down to as low as 96 does not seem to affect the hatch rate before day 18. Just keep an eye on it closely for the next 24 hours since you turned up the heat. Too high will kill all of the eggs. Most likely the water made the temp drop and now that you have adjusted the heat up, in an hour or so you might be in trouble with the temp too high. keep a steady watch every 15 minutes or so for the next couple of hours.
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