Omg their water consumption is exponential


5 Years
Aug 20, 2014
North Florida
So I have 14 ducklings, they (average) hatched 9/9 days ago. In that time, They have had two water container upgrades, and are about to have a third. And have gone from refilling once a day to 6 times a day.

So lemme do some math here... If they're born 4.5 days ago, are doubling container volume every 1.5 days, increasing volume consumed rate at an estimated 2.66667 times per day,... then if trends continues, it'll be about *calculating* =

4 days before there is no water container that fits thru my house door

9 days before our lake is drained

11 days until our county declares drought and a state of emergency

18 days before water surpasses the price of gold in most of Georgia and all of north & central Florida

33-45 days before the eastern half of the US, Mexico, and maybe some of Canada begin to feel the affects of the ducklings

Can someone check this math for me? I haven't calculated exponential growth in ages...
And of course, the most important thing to do/use when for casting, "if trends continue" :)
Uh-oh, there might be a more urgent matter. First 3.75 days needs 1 cleaning for new bedding.. I somewhere in there I did put a little bit more to cover the half or third of the area that had lots of poop. Now its been less than a day, about 18 hours; and the poop it wayyyy worse than all the rest combine. At this rate, well you do that math lol

I wonder if this is normal or if its because I was outside with them so long yesterday letting them eat bugs and play/eat dirty water with plant life in it. And some larva or something. I don't think I should I should let them play in water like that again.. Sitting water that is, only flowing water. It probably had lots of bacteria, I just figured they're being so messy and dirty they'll be fine. Now that I'm typing this, I'm getting slightly worried about them getting sick or worms
If the water is full of algae and has obvious stagnation happening (mosquito larva, red/green water etc) then yeah, keep them faaar away.

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