OMG!!! what a phone call!!!


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
Its just past 11 here and I was heading to bed and my phone rang, it was my g/f who was freaking right is how the conversation went..

friend --- I don't know what to do, I tried emailing you but you never answered!!
me --- calm down, what is wrong...
friend --my neighbour was over earlier and I had just given my chickens all the left over beans from dinner, and he told me that chickens are not suppossed to have beans cause they can't pass gas and it causes the chickens to explode...what the H*** am I going to do now???

Friend --- you think me killing my chickens is funny??? (very angry voice)

ME---- you better go ask your neighbour if he was pulling your leg....cause beans DOES NOT make chickens explode.

chatter for a few minutesas I reassure her and then I hear her hubby in the background..

"what a dumb*** you are sometimes!!! so gullible"

friend --- ok well you two can have a good laugh on my account....CLICK....she hung up on me. Her hubby called me back to laugh some more. this will make for good conversation at the farmers market this weekend...LOL
I should add her neighbour is a 78 yr old who has raised chickens all of his life, and WAS pulling her leg, he is a huge prankster!!
Lol! Sounds like something my father-in-law would say just to be a prankster!
we have coffee together every morning, I am sure by then her usual, make fun of her own self friend will be at my door with a coffee, a smirk and a not so nice way, I had a good laugh and she ruined my sleepiness, cause I am wide awake now. and dang it I have to be up at 7 am.
beans are toxic... Never feed them raw or pototoes raw or any other nightshade plant.
the beans were cooked, she loves beans but her kids hate she always has a ton leftover!! well I better try to lay down, she better not call me
It's a well known fact that baked beans enable chickens to fly higher and much further than usual but with little control over direction or distance. So, if anyone gives baked beans to chickens they should build their fences up to 12' high. A call to the local air traffic controllers might be a good idea too. I know someone who give beans to his turkeys and he ties small red lights to their tails every night, just in case.

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