OMGoodness I didn't know you had to give oyster shell!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by SoccerMomof7, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. SoccerMomof7

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    Apr 13, 2008
    I was told that you only give it to them if you are getting soft shelled eggs, which I never have had, but now I read that it is for calicum to help them lay. Whick one is it, now I am confused....
  2. jbowyer01

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    I offer it to help supplement any calcium that they may be missing. I offer it freely so they can have it when ever they want. If your chickens are getting calcium from a different source than its no biggie. My hens get yougart and sometimes I add the shells from making scrambled eggs to their treat bowl.
  3. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Oyster shell is to replace the calcium that that the hen is taking from her own body to create strong eggshells.
    The feed I use has calcium in it. I offer a little more as insurance.

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