omgosh my Polish is insane!


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May 19, 2011
I thought i read on the BYC breed list that white crested black Polishes were docile etc. My girl (Phyllis, think Diller) is out of her mind. Every time i come in the coop she runs under the nesting boxes. the other girls know i bring food but this one RUNS and flies and does everything she can to escape. Is she going to normal out after a while or is this just what this breed is like? shes freaking out the other chickens.
LOL, I can't really answer your question as I only recently bought 4 Polish chicks because I thought they are so cool looking. Mine are also a bit flighty, at 2-4 weeks old. For example, they are in a brooder with 2 buff orpingtons. Today, I brought them a little dish of yogurt as a treat. The Polish were like,
OMG, RUN! It's an alien life form. Whille the BOs were like
a treat and quickly started slinging it all over each other.

Still, I love my crazy Polish. the BOs...meh.

My polish chickies r 7 & 8 weeks old now and have calmed down considerably! At first they ran like crazy and would screech when u picked them up. I was gonna call them Roadrunner 1, Roadrunner 2, etc... LOL After a few weeks, mine polish became the MOST curious when I would put foreign items i the brooder for them to play with. They even started walking over to my hand when I had treats when they were in the brooder. I would say they will eventually start least mine did! Good luck! They r the cutest chickies tho!

Wow! I have two 4 week old buff polish that I originally bought for my daughter for Mother's day. I fell in love!!! They were the first to run to me immediately to be picked up. I could scoop them up in the palm of my hand and they would just lie there and let me pet them. They were also the first to my hand for any hand held treats. They continue to be my most loving birds. Today, my one chick decided he needed to free range out of the pen I had them in outside. All I had to do was call peepin...and he came running back. I scooped him up and put him back into the pen. Even my 7 year old can walk right up to him, scoop him up and do anything with him.
Are there head feathers covering there eyes? I know that is there whole look but it is amazing how different they will act when they can see! I had some polish that I raised from day one. Once I trimmed there feathers, they where less flighty and would walk up to me to be picked up and carried around. I have found out tho that most of the chicks I have raised go thru a wild stage around 2-4 weeks. They want nothing to do with being handled and try to stay as far away as possible. I am not sure why my chicks do this

Sorry I couldn't be more help.
ok sounds like these ladies are all over the board then! i hope she mellows with age. shes only about 4 weeks old so hopefully its a phase. but seriously, someone said road runner and thats exactly what she looks like!!

No feathers on her eyes, but i'll keep a watch out for it
Oh my word, that is mild compared to my Polish chick! He/she is actually quite aggresive. It is only 6 days old and so small still and yet it likes to chase the dog and our feet and peck at us. LOVES going after spiders and oh yeah, when left in the brooder without attention will chirp LOUDLY, non-stop, and RUN back and forth, tapping on the glass(converted aquarium) until someone finally comes along to pay it some attention. I think it just might be a roo by the behavior. Either way, definitely fiesty to say the least!!

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