10 Years
Feb 25, 2009
New Hampshire
SO three days ago one of my quail (my favorite hen) somehow FLEW out of my pen (Her wings are practically SHAVED!) and ran into the woods. I hate woods. Stupid woods. ANYWAY it's like 30 Farenheit up here at night right now and this hen has been struggling with bad health and I was really mad because I was sure she would either freeze or get eaten by one of those coyote fiends that like my yard and chickens so much. BUT we FOUND HER.
. all the way on the other side of the woods! Standing on top of the muck heap. She was exhausted and immediately climbed into the nest box and snuggled down when I put her in their covered in-shed nightime cage. I also found an egg near where she was hiding. she couldn't have been THAT stressed out then!

here's a pic of the little bugger:

thank you! I seriously have NO idea how she could have flown.. at first I didn't believe it, I wasn't there at the time, my sister was. She said she flew, but I'm like "No way, she must have found a hole to slip through" but low and behold, when I went to grab her, she flew straight up about 5'! No more outdoor playtime until I can figure out how she did it.
I am so glad that you got her back.
I had one that got out and took off like a rocket. I thought for sure he was gone forever. Two days later I was walking out to the chicken pen and he literally fell out of the sky probably four feet away from me. He started running up to me and the look on his face was like "PUT ME BACK!!! PUT ME BACK!!!! He even let me pick him up and hold him until I got him back to the pen. He stayed in the far corner of the pen for the rest of the day. Something scared him really good.
So, are you saying that her wings are clipped? If you clipped both her wings, it won't affect her flight in the least. You need to clip only one.

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