My recipe for leftover rice:
Thaw out a handful of mixed veggies (or chop fresh into small, nibble-sized pieces), and whatever other table scraps you have that you don't have to cook. I use meat, grilled tofu, even more egg. Heat a wok up to temperature with some vegetable oil, and quickly fry day-old rice with vegetables. Just as you're getting ready to take off heat, throw in some soy sauce and stir like crazy so it gets a little all over.
In a separate pan, make a regular 2-3 egg omlet.
Spoon fried rice into omlet. Roll up. Enjoy breakfast.
We tried your chili and shredded cheddar omlet, that was sooooooo good! Definitely a keeper for us. And it was so convenient because I can my chili so I just opened a small jar and made the omlet. Thanks for the great suggestion!!
Saute onion, bell pepper, and mushrooms till good and sweated and stuff in the omlette. 2 or 3 eggs depending on how hungry you are. Top with cheese. A good pico de gallo goes really well on top. Or some Pace.
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