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    I have been dealing with a racoon for the past several weeks and can't seem to catch him with a live trap, game cam or lead! Last week, my son (10) and I were out by the coop and we saw a yearling bunny nearby. I knew the bunny was taking advantage of the grain I scatter around outside the run and didn't pay much attention to it. I noticed that my son was intent on running it off. He also seemed agravated at me for my lack of concern. He wanted to know why I didn't care that the rabbit was there. I told him that rabbits don't usually cary any diseases that pose a health concern to chicken and although it might eat some of our grain. I was okay with sharing. He looked puzzled and said, "How do you know it not what's been killing the chickens?" Amused, I explained what rabbits eat and that it was not after the birds. He considered that for a second then asked, "Well, what if it is a BAD rabbit?" lol! Gotta' love those city boys!
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    Silly boy, chicks are for coons.
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    Too cute! Good luck catching your coon.

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