On the mend, but have questions..

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    May 19, 2014
    Wonderful info in this forum, Thank You... My girls are on their 5th day of Corid after I found very bloody stools in their coop.Today is the second day of no blood anywhere... YEA!!! There were no signs of not feeling well. They never slowed down on our daily gossip sessions lol So hopefully they are all going to be fine. (I have 21 girls in this coop @ 19 weeks old)

    1. Should I continue the Corid for two more days?

    2. I have been sadly tossing the eggs out while on Corid, how much longer will the eggs be non-edible? Four are laying at this time & my husband sheds a tear with every brown egg we lose, lol he loves them!

    3. I want to do a "super" clean up in the coop. Any suggestions for a good disinfectant? My husband was raised on a farm and he said they used to hose & scrub their coop then throw lime everywhere, any thoughts on this method? I know bleach is too toxic. I just want it really clean for my girls :) How about diluted white vinegar?

    4. We have a second coop in the barn which houses 100 -14 week old hens & roosters. Wondering if I should put them on a preventive dose of Corid for five days? I have not seen any signs but do not want anything to spread to them. The two separate coops never mix together.

    Thank you for any advise
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    It's up to you on tossng eggs. Corid primarily remains in the chicken's gut until it is taken up by the protozoa so there shouldn't be much in the egg. It inhibits thiamind (B6) uptake. Most sources say 3 weeks but many people do as the chose, deedng on the usage and any allergies, of course.

    Ammonia kills the cocci protozoa; bleach does not. You can make some inroads with a dilute ammonia solution -- but they are in the soil and you will never eliminate them.

    Here is a post by an experienced chicken keeper who fights cocci on an ongoing basis on his land:

  3. Glos Girls

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    May 19, 2014
    Thank you very much for the information. Will be reading it now.

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