On the tractor trail

A.T. Hagan

Don't Panic
12 Years
Aug 13, 2007
North/Central Florida
It hadn't rained for a few days when I took this photo so you could more clearly see the trail a poultry tractor leaves behind.


In another couple of weeks you'll still be able to see where those tractors went by the darker green lusher grass the manure causes. Tractors have done wonders for my pasture and extended yard. Nearly all of the bare spots are gone now and will be completely gone I believe by first frost.

Another one from when they were molting last year.


Anyone else have photos of their tractor trails?
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This one is after three days with 8 grown chickens in a 64 square foot tractor. It did rain while they were there so it looks a little worse than normal. But you do have to move them often.


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