Once a broody always a broody.....


12 Years
Dec 19, 2007
Brighton, CO
Morning all,
I've got a BO girl that is going on what I'm thinking is day 6 setting on her (and others) eggs.
She'll be a year in Feb. Are the girls prone to going broody once they've been there or is it a hit or miss wether they do it again? She's doing very well. She's a growler but she doesn't try to bite me. She got up to eat Wed and someone else jumped up to lay I guess so she started setting on 2 eggs that were layed in the corner. I took the layer out and put Growler back in and she nesteld in there and has only left one other time, yesterday. This is very unexpected but so very exciting!


11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
Southern Iowa
I have a banty brahma who has gone broody for the third time this year! It's really too late in the year for her to be sitting on eggs, so I just let her have two. That way it's no big deal if something happens to them. I haven't had my birds long enough to know if they will be broody multiple years in a row.

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