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    If my chickens have been laying in a certain spot, should I keep golf balls in there, to keep them laying in the same place? Will they just keep coming back forever?

    Found 8 eggs in a communal nest but while chasing an overheated chicken around, I discovered another egg, under the deck. I think that's an old one and sniffed it. Slightly off smell. Put it in the garbage and put the garbage outside. I've smelled rotten egg before. It smells NOTHING like natural gas. Nothing at all.

    There's a bantam in the nest right now, glaring at me. She was the overheated one. She should love me now. She was panting and somewhat listless (but still hard to catch... she's got moves) when I caught up to her and eased her into the bucket of cool water. I sat and watched her, until she stopped panting and her mouth closed, very slowly. Almost the instant it came to "full shut", she leapt out of the water and discovered a bug to eat. Happy chicken.

    So anyway, one nest box works forever? When Winter hits, will a nest egg make them move to the indoor nest box or will they do that, on their own, b/c it's warmer inside?
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    One nest per every four hens. You can take out the golfballs if everyone know where to lay

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