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Jul 21, 2016
Tipp City, Ohio
I purchased my first set of girls at the end of March (4 Isa Browns and 2 Amerucanas, although one Amerucana turned out to be a rooster. One Isa has been laying for over two weeks now but the others have started yet. What is the reason for them not producing, is there something I'm missing?
Thanks ahead for the info
Thanks for the welcome and "hi" to all!

I let them free range for 3-4 hrs a day. I thought that they may be laying around the yard so I looked, but to no avail. They were bought at the same time and were all the same size.
Every bird is different , even if siblings. You may want to double check their gender by posting photos at "what breed or gender is this."
18 weeks is kind of young to start laying, at least for a lot of chickens. Some don't lay until 8 months, even more in a few cases. Don't worry; they should start laying soon. I'd say the average age for egg laying is 6 months or 24-26 weeks.

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