One bad egg? (Bossy Chicken Questions!)

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    We have only started keeping chickens in our backyard a year ago. We started with Dawn (RIR,) Katelyn (cuckoo pekin?,) and Cher (BR,) had Cher die (mysteriously,) had two hatch (from eggs I brought home for Katelyn 'cause she was broody,) and have had Dawn continue to be the best layer and a great friend through the year. The two that hatched were Joe (rooster) and Buffy (hen, full blooded RIR.) After several months it became clear that Joe had to go because he was too aggressive for our small yard flock and would charge after my children. Buffy has been getting meaner and meaner.
    I recently discovered that she was pecking at Dawn's sunburned back and she recently hurt a chick, badly. Is there anyway to curtail this behavior? Can she be trained, or coaxed to stop? Where a muzzle so that she can be safe inside the coop at night? Should we just get rid of her? My partner wants to fatten her up and cook her. Any suggestions? [​IMG]
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    You could try isolating her for a while. Essentially knocking her down a peg or two.

    There are pinless peepers for pecking I believe. I have no experience with them. Like a muzzle for pecking chickens.

    Your other 2 options are valid.

    Good luck


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