One battle won!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by gudrin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. gudrin

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    Oct 30, 2008
    I am so amused right now! We've had to resort to store bought eggs until one of our three suppliers has eggs they can sell/give away again. Last night, when deciding what to have for supper, I suggested eggs and hashbrowns. My husband said, "No, let's not do that. The last time I made eggs they tasted horrible! I always thought an egg was an egg, but those store bought ones are only good for baking!"

    So, is this the first battle won to getting me some chickens? I certainly hope so![​IMG]
  2. ksacres

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    Nov 16, 2007
    San Antonio TX
    [​IMG] That's certainly at least round one! [​IMG]
  3. The Chicken Lady

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    Apr 21, 2008
    West Michigan
    Just start with a non-threatening number of birds, like three... Get him hooked... Just tell him chickens need, you know, eight square feet of floorspace per bird instead of four when you build your coop (so you have room for more later [​IMG] ). Just kidding!

    I hope you can get some chickens this spring!
  4. conny63malies

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    Mar 22, 2008
    Annetta Kentucky
    Buy four just in case one doesnt make it. Then you can bring 2-3 of those oh so cute ones home that you just had to have.Or if you want to hatch them yourself use my math. If i want five pullets i need 20 eggs, because only 50% hatch and half of them are females...
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  5. English Chick

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Cheshire UK
    Yu kep fightig the battle...we ar all with you to help you win the war!!1

    Yeah.....chickens rule...[​IMG]

    Just re-read my reply and my spelling is awful today!
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  6. debilorrah

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    Have you ever thought about sneaking them in? Suddenly they are just there one day? [​IMG]

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