One bird losing feathers on back


5 Years
Sep 6, 2014
I have 3 Welsummers. Got from a long time breeder Aug 9. I am getting 12-16 eggs/week from these birds. Regular 3-egg days. One bird is losing feathers (forgive my ignorance), on her back but before her tail. She's eating more than the others, and is the most "eager" to eat but "not cleaning" out the feed. Thought she was the least dominant, but I see her differently on food. May be that the others are pecking at her when I'm not looking but I've been out there a bit in the PM.

Seems to drink as much as others. She seems happy but she used to go out more on the farm. I am in a suburb and have not felt good about a penned area. She's been mostly cooped up and I might need to clean the coop.

Please advise.
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Unaffected bird

Close up of affected bird

Back of affected bird
Feed is standard 16% pellets, cracked corn, egg shell, DE, grit. Have been feeding from grocery store tossed veggies, fruit. Tomatoes, papaya, watermelon and whatever else they feel good about that a friend says won't hurt. Erring on side of caution.
. Hope you can see image and the red "peck marks" if that's what they are. Getting worse
Does she have bugs... mites or lice? I've read that can cause feather loss and red marks. Do you dust the coop with DE? If you suspect bugs, you can clean the coop then dust them and the coop with DE. If it's a pecking or feather plucking issue, then I don't have much advice other than trying to find the culprit.
Do you see the other hens or chickens pecking at her? If not watch for an hour or so.

If they do not seem to peck at her I would think that she might be molting since it is getting towards fall.

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