One chick is display lethargic movement. Whats wrong?


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Apr 3, 2009
I got a shipment of IDeal chicks and 2 ducklings this morning around 7:00 I put them in their brooders(one duckling had already died in transport) I went to check on them and one of the silkies is displaying lethargic movement and it acts as if it can't move its upper body but is trying the move with its legs. What is wrong with it? The lone duckling just died too. By the way they took 4 days to get here.
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try getting some water and food down it. i hear apple cider vinegar with the water does wonders. also, if you dont have that you can mix some sugar with some hot water and stir till it disolves and give it to the chick. if you have to help the chick drink, be VERY careful not to get it into its lungs. when you do it, you really dont realize it. they were start gasping and thats when you pretty much know theyre gonna die for sure. But, if they get it into their lungs in the first place then that usually means (assuming you were careful) that they didnt have the energy to swallow it correctly in the first place so they would have died anyways, so try not to beat yourself up about it if it happens then there was nothing you could have done. make sure it has heat, but not too much. make sure the other chicks arent stepping on it or pecking it or picking on it in anyway. if they are then move him to another brooder, preferably with another chick or two. they seem to do better by themselves. crush the food up small and poke at it with your finger as if your pecking at it with your finger and encourage him to eat. As a last resort, maybe try yogurt? something sweet, maybe hell want to eat it. oh and back to the water, if u dip his little beak in it make sure you let him tilt his little head back if he tries to. that way he can swallow in. if he doesnt do this on his own, dont tilt the head back for him as u will get it in his lungs. also if he shows no response when putting the beak into a little water then chances are he wont make it anyways.....yes ive lost many chicks to dumb things like this....i hope this helps! PM me if you have any other questions!!
the safest way to give water is to give drops on beak, or dip the tip of beak in water..some add a little sugar..
chick vitamins help.

there are 2 threads for this..
Ok, first get electrolytes and vitamins in the water.
Also, get poly vi sol (NO IRON)
Hard boil some egg and feed that to them.
Ducks need lots of water.
No medicated chick starter for ducks.
Brooder should be at 96 and98 degrees.
You can decrease the temp by 5 degrees every week (unless they show signs of being cold)
You might put an old tube sock in the brooder with them to cuddle with.
Sometimes, if you get chicks you think are can warm them up and hydrate them, and they will come back. Been there and done that several times!
My husband was about to throw away a chick he thought was dead and I felt bad for it and held it and walked around with it in my hand for a few minutes waiting........well a leg kick was all it took before the triage unit opened in our house! The chick was warmed and drop by drop fed sugar water to perk it back up and hydrate it. Then electrolytes and vitamins. Then drop by drop Exact wet baby bird food. She was back up and running completely normal in about 8 hours of being very vigilant.
Good Luck with your chickies! And I am sorry you had to loose some babies......
Wow, Thanks for all of that info. And sammi there is 2 threads for this because no one replyed to the first one and I put more description on the 2nd one, They thought it was wry neck and the symptoms matched perfectly
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