One chick smaller than the other girls??


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Mar 23, 2014
Northern Utah
I got three Wyandotte chicks from the local farm store about three weeks ago. They were around a week old at that time and all began at the same size. Two of them are now very large and are right on schedule with their feathering. The last little one is about half the size of the others and is way behind them on her feathering. The other girls don't keep her away from the feed or bully her, in fact she's the boss! My possible theories from reading threads here and talking to friends are: I ended up with a roo, a rogue bantam may have ended up in the bin with the standard chickens at the feed store, or that she's just a bit smaller than the other. Anyone have thoughts???
You did your homework and are right. If she is thriving and holding her own no stress. I had one that got an overload of coccidosis and almost died so once we nursed her back to health she was only 1/2 the size of the other. She is now caught up after a few weeks and is the bottom of the pecking order but does well now. She may always be smaller in the end but if she is handling herself well then just enjoy the extra time of extra cuteness.

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