One chick started picking feathers

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    Sep 1, 2010
    My girls are almost 10 wks old, and have had no real problems w/ them so far. They have been outside in the coop for 4 wks now and all but two love it. Two won't leave the coop unless forced to and once forced to the one has a great time, but the other complains the entire time she is out. (but that isn't why I'm posting this thread)

    My real problem is one chick just this week has started plucking and eating the feathers of the other chicks. She will come up beside them like she is eating w/ them or scratching on the ground w/ them, then she will do a sneak, blitz attack on the other unsuspecting chicken, causing them to yell and run.

    They have free choice chick feed 24/7 plus get treats throughout the day (fruits, veggies, some grains) and she is the only one doing it, they are all growing and feathering well, so I don't think it is a nutrition thing.

    I have a couple of questions, once started will this behavior ever quit? Can I do anything to make it quit? If I don't stop it very soon will the behavior pass on to the other girls? Is this just chickens being chickens? Thanks for any help.
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    They need animal protein scramble up some eggs or hamburger or puppy chow I find using a little higher protein feed mine your age get 23% and once a week scrambled eggs=way less problems

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