One Chicken has died another one not well.


8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
Hi trying to find some help on this matter

I went to check that the girls had gone to bed and noticed one missing, I found her huddled in the garden and when I went to put her to bed she was hobbling, looked like she didn't want to put weight down on her right claw. I checked for prickles and other matter found nothing. She did not want to perch so slept on hay in the house. The next morning she was larthagic and her eye lids seem white, she later died that day.

I also have another chook that morning that was find the night before but also rh leg looks paralysed, all other chooks are find.

I have 2 chickens and 1 rooster that are about 3 months old and they are on crumble food whilst these other chooks where given to me by a friend who was no longer able to keep them. They were all do fine until
a stray rooster turned up our property.

Could anyone give me ideas, they have not been wormed by me and I am not sure of the last owner.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your chicken and the other one who seems to be ill. The leg problems seem to suggest Mareks disease which tends to affect chickens in their first year, but it is hard to figure these things out often. You could do a search on this site on Mareks disease and see if it seems to fit the symptoms you saw.

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