one chicken is pecking my other chicken and won't stop!


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
I have 2 chickens that are a year old and one has been pecking the other one for a few weeks. She has an a bare spot on her back with an open sore. We used to have 3 chickens but one was attacked by a dog on February 16 and the chickens haven't been the same since then so I'm wondering if this has something to do with that. I sprayed her sore with some purple antibacterial/anti fungal stuff but that didn't seem to help with the pecking. She won't come out of the coop unless I let the other one out to free range or if I'm giving them treats, and even then, she is petrified of the mean chicken and won't get close to her. I'm not sure what else is can do other than get rid of the mean one. It's breaking my heart to see this! Help!
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any injury becomes a pecking location for all other birds to attack. separate and medicate injured location. once pin feathers grow back, you can place back, otherwise they will continue until she sits and is literally pecked to death. Separate.
Thanks for the advice! I will do that immediately. I also just ordered a hen "saddle/apron" to cover the area for when she goes back in the coop.
I agree with separating them and let her heal up some. When you put them back together the other one may have forgotten about that habit, hopefully. You can put a chicken saddle on the injured one as well to cover up the area when new feathers start to grow in. If she'll keep it on. Some hens will wear them, some seem to be able to get out of them no matter what.

Edited to add: I see you are already working on the chicken saddle, that's what I get for not hitting "preview" lol.
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I always have a ready pen (4x4) ready for sick/injured. same for new chicks arriving (2x2). I like to keep separate until completely healed. my hens never forget who and what spot they pecked. They are bullies. good luck.
I am having the same problem with my hens! I have 6 hens, 4 red rocks, and 2 white leghorns. Two of my red rocks have feathers missing from their backs, and I caught one of the white leg hors and red rocks picking on her when she was just trying to rest. I applied the purple no pick solution, but it didn't last long when she went to play again in the sand, and literally covered up the medicine. Also, I don't have enough room for another pen to separate them. I do free range them in the backyard, so they are not cooped up all day long, but thats not helping much either. Any other advice?
I would take out the offenders, and put them in separate cages, in chicken jail for a week. Then try Nustock cream (sulfur-based plus pine oil) that tastes nasty to pickers, and is good to heal many skin problems including fungus. After you put the 2 back into the flock, if they start up again, I would re-home them. This can become a habit that spreads to others.

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