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    Jul 1, 2011
    I have a mixed breed flock of hens. Some were hatched out in my handy incubator, the rest purchased as 1-6 day old chicks. Unscientifically, I bought in units of pairs, (again) unscientifically crossing my fingers that I would have few roosters in the mix. All were hatched out from June to mid July, all roosters rehomed.

    My original count for Cucos was four. Two were roosters and went on a trip to my friends large property, and have blended well with her hens and older roosters. Leaves me with two. Easy math.

    Lately, one of the Cucos has taken to nesting not within the traditional; ignores the nesting boxes and all the 'hidden' nesting areas which the freerangers use. Instead she insists on laying her eggs on the seat of the wicker childs chair my grandchildren use when visiting. This chair is opposit the family room wall, and buffers up against a large picture window overlooking the yard. Her habit is to eat breakfast, settle in, peek inside the window, and if the blinds are down, she kicks up a little fuss to let us know she can't see in. Blinds open, she settles down and if chickens could smile insert such here...enjoys the sunshine while surveying the yard. Sometimes she will sit until early afternoon before laying, sometimes she lays first then sits there until she's hungry. Always, once off the chair once the egg has been produced, she stays away.

    I am meandering...but with purpose. Two weeks ago I spent a little time in ER. Just before that, a lot of time was spent with work related stuff. Home long enough for hen housekeeping and general home related stuff. One of those 'odd' things that made me a bit uneasy, but couldn't figure out when out with the hens...something different, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. The hens were acting a little different, but after checking them all out, I just shrugged, figuring they were once again working out the differencials of order. A LITTLE bickering, but wasn't centered on just one hen being picked on.

    This early AM, I opened the coop, changed water, went to grab a new bag of feed from the car trunk. Came back and yep, one Cuco Maran on the chair. Most of the other hens were either underfoot or freeranging for buggy treats. I knew the early layers were either completing their deed in the nesting boxes or settling in to do so, so went to collect the eggs. One RR, one Black Copper Marans, and two Cuco Marans. Wait....Viewed again...yes. Indeed. No mistaking. Did one beat me to the coop from the chair? No, there she was.

    Since chickens aren't build for flight, and my fence is six feet tall around the yard, AND since all my neighbors know of these chickens (good neighbor policy) I'm thinking that sometime in the last month or so a pet chicken was released/freed in my yard.

    I think I will share this information with the neighbors, not to point the finger, not to thank, but to educate on the dangers of not first isolating the newbie then slowly introducing such to the flock. This flock must be pretty laid back. OR maybe the one which is popping out eggs on the chair might be the newbie? THAT makes more sense. But, don't know....

    I will also share that I have a friend whom has lots of room for chickens if they use common sense in aiding protection for health.

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