One dead, one sick! help!

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    Jan 23, 2011
    My lovely chicken is really sick and I have no idea what to do. I have called all up and down the coast (West Coast NZ, small population) for a vet, but no one handles chickens and I have been told to wait until she dies and send her into Christchurch for an autopsy! I find that cruel, and can't bear to just let her die like that. My book on keeping chickens has nothing like what her symptoms are. She is also the second sick hen in my flock. Early on the morning of the 20th of November my husband found a new mother hen, Nuff, laying weak in poo on the coop floor. I went out to her 20 minutes later with a box of straw and some Coxiprol solution, but she was already dead! When I removed her I saw that she had very green and copious diarrhea around her, she had released a large amount of clear liquid from her mouth or lungs, and her comb had turned purple. I began calling vets in the area, but none of them were any help, most saying that they knew nothing about chickens. I scrubbed the coop, mite dusted it, and began giving the chickens 40ml of Coxiprol per 20 liters of H2O. They all seem fine, and I have no way of knowing if it has anything to do with the Coxiprol. Meanwhile, outside the coop and run, my 'pet' outcast hen suddenly stopped laying, stopped running around the yard, begging at the kitchen window, eating at all, or even drinking. She went into her little coop and just sat there in the hay. She always avoided being touched or picked up but suddenly she stopped resisting it altogether...when I dipped her beak in H2O trying to get her to drink she just sat there, no drinking, no nothing...She has been sitting there still as a stone (but for once) since the afternoon of the 20th of November. The one time she went outside she just stayed in one place and scratched herself with her claws and beak. When the wind ruffed her feathers I saw that her skin was slightly red. I checked her coop for mites, checked her skin too. Nothing. Yesterday she began eating a small amount of wheat and drinking a little H20 if it was placed just under her beak where she sat on the coop floor. Just about an hour ago my husband and I went out to dust her for mites, just in case. I held her and he dusted but she resisted and jumped to the ground. Then she took the most shockingly gigantic liquid poop I have ever witnessed. It was explosive, rank, and vast. And green with weird stuff in it. Now she looks shrunken and weak. I gave her more water with a drop of Coxiprol ('contains 12% Amprolium') in it. I want to give her something nourishing but I'm afraid I'll overtax her digestion or hurt her somehow. Should I give her molasses or cooked oatmeal or yogurt? Or nothing but water? What is wrong with her????? Is it avian flu, coccidiosis, worms? I'm sorry this was such a long message, but I thought being specific might help someone identify what the problem is? I adore my hens and I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about going out there tomorrow and finding another one of them dead. Thanks for your suggestions!
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    Aug 28, 2011
    I hope someone here will tell you what medication to give and you could order it off the internet and delivered to you instead. Theres a lot of products you can get out there that vets use...

    Big [​IMG]. Tracy x
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    I can say that Molasses will cause or add to diarrhea.

    If you have a regular worming routine for your flock, then it is likely not worms. How old are they? Are all of your chickens the same age? When did you last worm, with what, did you repeat twice?
    Worms can cause many symptoms, weakness and death.. but, I have not known them to cause the green diarrhea. (Maybe someone else knows something different or more)

    Once they stop eating and drinking, they will not live long. Best to isolate sick birds and use a dropper or syringe without a needle to administer water -- to the side and back of the throat, do not get it into the airway, avoid the windpipe at the back of the tongue. Also, make some scrambled eggs, with yogurt or buttermilk and a bit of their food mixed in to make a mash.. or, if she / they will eat the scrambled eggs and yogurt out of your hand... yogurt or buttermilk are both "cultured", probiotics and will help to regulate poop... they are (Or can) die from dehydration if they are not drinking and have diarrhea.... much like people can. You will need to get some water and some food into those not eating or drinking.

    There is a post about Avian Leukosis Sarcoma here it started at 5:27 PM on the 24th.. you should be able to use the Search to check it out.

    I don't know what Coxiprol is.. I assume it is an antibiotic?

    I guess I would administer the water soluable antibiotics to the flock... (Duramycin 10 -- Tetracycline -- 1 tsp. per gallon of water they will drink in 24 hours, for seven days) but, maybe get some Tylan 50, syringes and needles from the feed store to give .5 cc/ml per standard chicken injection (alternating breasts each day) to the very sick ones, for three days on.. then off for three and repeat if needed. There may be better or more info from someone else, this is what a feed store owner told me and I have done before.

    Use the search for "watery green diarrhea" -- or any other specific symptom.

    Good luck... I hope someone knows more and you get some good help and advice... I hope you don't lose more birds.
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    Jan 23, 2011
    Thanks form your helpful response. I wormed them only 2 months ago and the rest of the flock appear plump and healthy. I'm still trying to find a vet, she is still hardly eating or drinking. I'm going to the shop now for some natural yogurt and will stop by the farm supply for a medicine syringe so I ca feed her water. I'm not sure how liberal the vets here are with antibiotics, and it seems that most of them have never heard of the exotic animal 'chicken', so I don't know if I'll be able to get Tylan...but I'll research it, find out what it is and if it's available here.
    Thanks again!
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    I would dump your feed right away and look for stuff in their area that they could have gotten sick on, like mold or stuff. I think it's good that you are treating for coccidiosis. It seems to sound like poisoning or botulism to me. I could be way off , but that's what it seems like.

    What a terrible thing to happen!

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