One Dozen Bantam FRIZZLE Cochin Hatching Eggs


7 Years
Sep 12, 2012
Selling FRIZZLE cochin hatching eggs, by the dozen. They are $20 per dozen, plus shipping (usually around $15). I have one frizzle cochin roo, and he has his own three hens laying quite well right now. My incubator has gotten full, and I haven't invested in a second one just yet. Possible colors include black, brown, blue, black and white, and porcelain. Hens are known to go broody at the drop of a hat, so I'm trying to keep eggs well out of their reach! I'll keep selling them by the dozen as long as they keep laying them! Will ship to you. Eggs are collected Sunday night for shipping on Monday morning. If the hens have laid more than a dozen eggs by the time I pack them, you will get extra eggs in your shipment!

NEXT AVAILABLE WEEK FOR EGGS IS THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 13TH! (This ad will be updated as that changes.)

PLEASE NOTE: Frizzle chickens do not breed true, due to the fact that they are an "incomplete dominant" variety. To get Frizzle, you have to breed them back to a smooth-feathered chicken, and then only about 50% of the offspring will have the frizzle feathering. There is no way to tell what type of feathers the offspring will have, prior to the chicks growing feathers in. By placing an order, you accept these odds for getting frizzle chicks from these eggs, and understand that I can not guarantee which feathers your chicks will develop. Please see the attached Punnett Square image below for an illustrated explanation.

If interested, send me a private message here to find out when the next dozen will be available. Paypal is accepted, as well as Money Orders, Cashier's Check, or cash for local buyers.

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