One duck combining 2 nests??

Ryan Kimbrell

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Jan 4, 2018
Hi, everyone!

So I've had my 4 ducks (1 female cayuga, 1 female khaki campbell, 1 female white layered, 1 male black swedish) for about 10 months now. They started laying eggs back in December. The first clutch of eggs that my white layered was sitting on did not make it due to cold weather/snow. Now, she has another clutch of eggs (about 15) but is not sitting consistently on these? What could be the reason she isn't consistent with these?

Also, there are two more nests in their pen...1 nest had 6 eggs and the other nest had about 9 eggs. The khaki campbell has been sitting on both of these and recently just combined the two nests? All of these eggs seem to be pretty far along in the fertilization process...if some of the eggs are viable, I predict they will start hatching sometime this week. But, is there a reason why this momma would be combining these two nest? Is that normal??

I would love to hear thoughts, opinions, answers! Thanks so much!
They love to gather eggs and have been known to even carry them in their mouths. once broody they are not in their right minds. lol

As for your white layer she may never get completely broody some ducks that have been bred for high volumes of eggs have had the broodiness bred out of them.
But there is always exceptions.

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