One duckling picking on others/drawing blood- Advice?


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Apr 5, 2010
I have had chickens for years but this is my first batch of ducklings. I have 9 bantam ducklings and one (Oblio) has started picking on the others, mostly pulling at the wings and tails. They are just starting to get wing feathers so I guess there are "blood feathers" there and when pecked, they bleed profusely. Then of course everyone starts pecking at them. But it is usually started by Oblio. I have been isolating him, by keeping him with the others but with a wire fence between them so he can't hurt the others. Then I feel sorry for him because he cries, so I put him back with the others. Within seconds he pecking the others back he goes. He seems to be the only one doing this. Will this behavior stop? Is there anything else i can do? I am trying to provide them with lots of fun outdoor time, a kiddie pool, etc so they are not locked up in a tight space all day long or anything. Any advice would be welcome!! Thank you.
I heard that putting a red light on them helps, are they getting enough protien? sometimes they pick because of not enough protien, when they draw blood though it just makes them pick more. sounds like he maybe is bored and needs something to do, they like to stick their bills in mud puddles, I have mine in a yard where I can spray water from the hose and make a few mud puddles, they love that! also grass and rooting in it!
This has happened to me a few times - I just put the mean duckling in solitary confinement until they are old enough to go outside. I just use a rabbit cage - about 2' X 4' for the little trouble causer. It seems if they are left in with the others, eventually some of the others will also start eating feathers too. Once it's out of the pen, the others grow their feathers back.
Thanks everyone for the advice. I guess some of this might pass as they get older?. I have them in a smaller sleeping coop at night, but during the days I have them outside in a fenced grassy area with a pool. Even when he has lots of puddles/grass/swimming, etc. he does this. I still have them on a high protein flock raiser. I went out today and got some Nutritional yeast and vitamins, just in case. Maybe what could be happening, too, is because I have been isolating him more, he doesn't have the same freedom as the other he's not getting as much run around time as the others and maybe that is making it worse, I don't know. Maybe I'll make him a big outdoor pen next to the big outdoor pen of the others so he can swim,etc also but next to them so he can't hurt them. Oh, and I do have a red brooder heat lamp on at night. Again, thanks for the help. Sounds like this happens sometimes.

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