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Sep 20, 2015
my Isa brown is the only one laying right now. She is faithfully laying an egg every day. This is her first winter. The 3 older hens have stopped completely.
Any hope for them to lay again before spring?

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The older hens have gone through a molt. They need the time off from laying to rest and replace their feathers. Tattered feathers do not retain warmth for winter and spring chick rearing. Since feathers are mostly protein, they generally cannot lay eggs and replace their feathers. Once their feathers are grown back in, then they need to get their body weight back up before they can start laying again. You can help them through this process with extra protein in their feed and/or high protein treats. Soon, the daylight hours will be increasing again, and so will the egg production.

Next year, your ISA brown will take time off to molt.

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