One egg hatched, today is day 21...should I be worried? *update


9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I had 7 eggs that were rocking and rolling all over the place on day 15 and one was chirping and tapping. Then nothing. An egg that wasn't doing anything started chriping and tapping on day 19, pipped and zipped on day 20 and today is day 21 and none of the other eggs have done anything. The single chick has been frantically chirping loudly and non-stop since it hatched. It also has one eye that won't open. Should I be worried about the other eggs or is it normal to have one hatch so much earlier than the other chicks? I've always had one start and then the others just start pipping one after another. These ones aren't tapping, chirping or rocking. should I take this lonely chirper out?
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You can leave the rest of the eggs another three days if you want but you'll have to take the chick out before then. They can go three days after hatching without food and water, but it might be best to get him out now, before anybody else starts pipping...
Thats what I'm thinking...he's soooo lonely and scrambling around chirping and kicking the hell out of the other eggs. I just can't believe none of the other eggs are doing anything.
I too would leave the eggs in for a few more days.

As for your chick's eye, I hatched a chick on Friday with the same issue. By Saturday both eyes were open.

Best of luck for a successful hatch!
Ok..i'll try that. I know it has an eye because it see it moving under the lid...I'm gonna make a smaller brooder box for the chick and get it all set up and then pull it. I hear the eggs knocking against each other as I type. This guy is all over the place and as loud as loud can be!!
If you had rocking and rolling of the other eggs on day 15 and then they went quiet, it sounds like the temp was too high durring incubation and they were ready to hatch early but for some reason didn't. As suggested by Alexander I def would leave them for at least 3 more days just in case they are late. Again tho, my guess is thier time has passed. I hope i am wrong and you get a good hatch. I would deff take the single that hatched out as they can raise havoc with the remaining eggs if left in for a long time. Best of Luck
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Ok...took the chick out and put in some eggs due for lockdown today. An egg chirped at me while I had the bator open!!! Im sooo excited but worried it might get shrinkwrapped. The humidity was down to 55 when I opened and I had to refill the wells anyway. I did it all pretty quick, shut it, and added steaming hot water onto a papertowel away from the eggs. It got the humidity up to 70 pretty quick. I'm sooooo happy that at least one is still alive. And I candled the 7 that I added and at least 2 are clearly alive. They're supposed to go into lockdown today, but I still some room and very thick veining in there. Wondering if I should've kept them in the other incubator one more day. They had some major temp problems in the beginning. Temps were too low, and they didn't even show any development at Day 6...but it appeared that they were catching up to the development they should have been on. Should I take them back out? And the lone chick, stopped chirping after my mom cupped him and held him close. He slept soundly for the first time. Now he's quietly sleeping in the brooder box with a teddy. I didn't realize how tiny he was.

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