One hen brooding and the others stopped laying??


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Sep 4, 2013
We have a 7 month old blue splash wyandotte hen who went broody about three weeks ago. She still come out to eat and drink so I have just been keeping an eye on her. She finally seems to be getting over it. However, since she has gone broody, my three other hens (all around 1 year old) have stopped laying. I find the occasional egg in the nest box but we have been over 2 weeks now with no eggs to speak of. I feed them an organic layer crumble and they got lots of meal worm treats, scraps, sunflower seeds, oyster shells and crushed egg shells. I also just bought a new coop this weekend so our girls would have more room but now I am concerned the stress of it might keep them from laying longer. They do seem to like the new coop and all the room though. Any suggestions to get everyone up and going again? Thanks!
Brooding hens do have a tendency to throw the rest of the flock off. And you've moved them to a new coop, chickens are big on routine and hate change.
Personally, since you seem to be at the tail end of the broodiness and you've already moved them, I would just let them adjust. They'll get used to the new place and deal with the broody and move on :) Of course, that will still mean no eggs for a while :/

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