One hen died last week, no obvious symptoms but now another

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Hi there, help from anywhere would be gratefully appreciated. I had a hen dead last week quite unexpectedly.. no sign of illness, no wheezing, no rasps but when I closed the coop up for the night, she was reluctant to move, I thought that she would not move because of darkness but when I lifted her to close the door, she cackled and hollered like normal but in the morning she was dead. I feed my hens only Nutrena hen food plus scratch grains and table scraps, with no meat proteins. They all have a blast scratching round free range when I come home at night and all day on the weekends. They are New Hampshire Reds and I also have Delawares. So far I have one sick New Hamp and one dead New Hamp. All the other hens and the single rooster have voracious appetites, nice firm droppings as well as I can tell and no signs of respiratory problems. I have taken the precaution of giving the hen 20cc of amoxicillan and put antibiotics in the water for the rest. Any ideas?

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    Egg bound? No clue, how old are the hens? Has she been laying?

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