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Oct 22, 2014
Denton, Texas
Have have 4 hens that have been together since chicks 10 months ago. Beginning a few days ago 3 hens are separating one from the flock. The 3 will all go over to a corner of the pen and huddle with their backs to her. It appears they are on top of each other. If the odd one out comes near they will run and chase her off. She has been flying on top of the coop to get away or today she was in the coop on the roost bar. HELP they have always been fine together!!
This evening when I went out the one hen was in coop on bar and all others outside - still light out. Please help

The greatest good for the most hens is to rehome or remove the hen who has become the flock's punching bag. If cooped alone for a while she may become assertive enough to hold her own. Then again she may never hold her own.
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