One Hen Picks on Another. Why?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
We've got four hens that we've had for about 7 months. Two were layers when we got them and two were pullets. One that was a pullet but now a layer is attacking one of the older chickens. She jumps on her back and starts pecking her. It isn't very nice and I've given her several stern talking to's. They all have lots of room to run around in and do as they please, they have the entire backyard, plenty of food and love. I don't know what FishBlob's (that's her name, my 6 year old named her
) problem is, Rainbow (that's the one she attacks) is a perfectly nice chicken. Anyways, I've been putting FishBlob in the coop and letting the other three roam around free but every time I let FishBlob out she heads right over and pecks on Rainbow. She's in "jail" now. She doesn't even mind going to jail, she marches right in as if she knew she had it coming. Why is she being so rude?


11 Years
May 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, KY
As new to laying as Fishblob is may be she is being overprotective of her eggies. Do you have have just one nest box or one for each lady? If Fishblob never attacked Rainbow before she was laying, then she just trying to let her know stay away from my eggies, that may be why she likes the confinement no one to worry about stealin' her babies, sounds like she may getting or becoming broody so keep an eye on her. You may want to post some chicken house rules in the coop I,m going to.

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