one large saggy crop?

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12 Years
Dec 24, 2007
We have a Golden campine, 11 months old, who looks like she has an extremely large uniboob? I know it sounds silly, but what the heck? She has been like this for about 2 months. Has only layed 3-4 eggs in this time, used to be a good egg layer (I can tell how many eggs she has layed because she is our only white egg layer) It does not feel hot, just really gooshy and full of fluid, almost like congestive heart failure? Her comb coloring is bluish and has been, she runs (well tries to run but her boob gets in the way, it is so big that it almost drags on the ground) and she seems to be out of breath. Some days it seems like the fluid goes down and the next day it will be back to full of fluid again? can chickens get congestive heart failure.? She doesnt seem to be in pain, but I dont speak chicken? any suggestions???
I have a young 10 week old RSL that has a squishy boob too ...she acts normal otherwise...hers is not as bad as you describe but I am anxious to hear replies...
I have a year old Marans that is the same... and it's visible... a big red blob. When I feel it, it's just as you described. She lays 3 or 4 huge eggs a week, is a great forager and seems healthy, so I'm leaving her alone.

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