One layer five players. Nesting box nightmare.

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    Jul 30, 2014
    I have my first little group of hens. One, (my Barred Plymouth Rock) started laying on Christmas Eve, on my back porch table. I had to lock my girls up in the coop to get her to learn to lay in the box. She was a fast learner and is now laying in the box. My problem is that my five others all the same age(aprx 22 weeks), have not started laying and have taken to playing in the nesting boxes. I have two boxes side by side. The other girls get in and kick out the straw and poop it all up almost everyday, They all sleep on the roosting bars together so I know none are sleeping in the boxes. One day while going out to give them a snack I found my to Golden Buffs playing in the boxes while all the others stood watch. I keep cleaning them and putting new straw in but is there any other way to take care of this problem? My boxes are up and mounted of the side of the coop but are lower than the roosting bars. They also have a pretty nice sized run to play in and the coop part itself is plenty of space for the six of them.
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    Redecorating the nesting boxes is often part of the laying process. They are making sure everything is just so. Find the charm in it.
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    Well that is a relief. I was worried that it was going to be a lasting behavior. Thanks for the info. It was kinda cute going out there and seeing them all watch the two playing in them, like they were waiting for their turn. [​IMG]
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    Love the thread title!!

    Chances are, after they start laying well (up to a month or so) they'll stop playing and pooping in the nests.

    Tho even seasoned layers still poop in the nests once in a while.

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