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Mar 8, 2015
So I have a black Australorp who lost oxygen at a week old our fault :( . He limped for a while and we thought she might end up a special needs chicken although she always seemed just fine. Then out of nowhere she regained use of the leg or so we thought and we figured all was good. This past week we had a really busy week with kids schedules so we hadn't done as much with the chickens like we normally do but I went out last night finally to check out everyone and I noticed this particular girl standing off to the side kind of funny. I picked her up and it appears to me that she lost the leg and pecked it off or the others did. She is now 1 legged and appears to be just fine. No one in her age group run seems to be picking on her (never has) and she is hobbling around just fine like it's no big deal. She's fat so I know she's been eating besides watching her. She is about 10 weeks old now.

Will she be fine moving forward as she gets older? We seem to think so but I figured I'd ask some more seasoned chicken owners as we've only been at it for about 4 years.

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That's you have some photos?

Do you think they pecked the leg off or could a predator have pulled it off? No signs of injury or infection?

If she is able to maneuver around, then see how it goes. There are a few threads here on BYC about keeping a chicken with one leg, just search at the top.

A Lucky Ladybug

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Mar 8, 2015
It sure doesn't look like a predator took it off. This group is in a large pen within our larger run as they adjust to being outside and being around the older chickens. Our older chickens can see them but not get to them which has worked to avoid issues when introducing new hens. Nothing shows signs of infection and it literally looks as if it died, shriveled and she pecked it off (or it fell off). No blood either and we've been watching her with the others as well. I can post the pics in a few.
No one is picking on or at her. I noticed she positions herself close enough to water or food when I bring more in and she sits to eat or drink. Some of the others do step on her to get to their spot but not really pushing her around and she seems so carefree about it. Weve held and inspected her and she's fat and healthy...and is even able to fly up to roost at night and during the day so it really isn't affecting anything except she's not a spaz like her "sisters"


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Apr 26, 2017
Thats great that she can move around. I think that she will probably be fine, but maybe won't be able to run fast enough if a predator comes. Otherwise, if she can move around now, she will probably be fine for the rest of her life.

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