One lone Silky


12 Years
Jul 18, 2007
Sevier county, Tn.
I have never had silkys but have one
lone one and Iam waiting for the doz. in the bator
to hatch about Oct.10, I have this loneRanger as Icall he/she
in the pantry which is always at a 65* temp.
The brooder has a red 60 watt blub. for heat and the
Temp is now 77*the loneRanger is 3 weeks old.
is this temp too cold or should I use a heat lamp
the brooder is rather small and Iam concerned
the 250 watt bulb would be too much heat.
he/she is really active , and doing well
our nights are gettiing cold and the room has no heat.
any advice.
Don't use the huge bulb, just get a 75 watt bulb. That should be enough heat, I would think. If you can partially cover the brooder box, safely, that helps too. We used carboard, but kept it well away from the lamp. It kept it nice and warm. Just make sure you check the temp frequently at first to make sure that it's not too cold or too hot.

A soft cuddly stuffed animal in there or a feather duster to cuddle up to can help, too. Our chickies LOVED their feather duster!
Birdmom Wow what a great idea
a feather duster. Iwill do that tonight as our nights
are getting down to 40s*thanks so much duster will make
a nice cuddler.
Yes, feather dusters are AWESOME for lonely chicks and will give you quite the laugh to see them snuggle up to one and talk to it!
I can't claim the original idea on the feather duster, I saw it here on byc somewhere!
All of ours have loved them, and it's hilarious to watch them with it.
Ithink I may change my silkies name from loneranger to the clown , I cant get any thing done, to busy watching he/s its to funny. at first he didnt know what to make of the feather duster. then its was clown time.
thanks for the advice. and he eats as though
its his last supper.and hes only 3 weeks.being so small
I did not think it would be such an eater.
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