One lonely duck


Nov 23, 2015
Yesterday a coyote killed my lovely girl Thumper. Thumper was 5 years old. She left behind he mate, Rambo. Rambo is 5 years old also. Both have been my spoiled babies. Each day I get up, get them up and feed and clean their pool before work. When I get home in the afternoon I bring them fresh greens and cut up tomatoes(their favorite) and make sure they have clean water. I let them out to roam feely in our yard. At night they go into a heated, secure duck house we made them.They never have left the yard and come when called. Yesterday a coyote got Thumper while they were out. Rambo is visibly shaken. I am heart broken. I miss Thumper and worry about Rambo. We do not want to get any more ducks. We live in a neighborhood that we are not allowed ducks but everyone has made an exception for our babies. How can I help Rambo? Any suggestions? I am keeping really close tabs on Rambo.
Er... you might not like this advice, but Rambo will probably want someone to hang out with all the time. I've heard of people trying mirrors... but I'm not sure if this will work for Rambo due to the fact that he's an adult.

It might be best to consider rehoming Rambo if you aren't interested/able to keeping ducks anymore. I'm sorry about your loss.
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You could, maybe, make Rambo a part time house duck. I know some people have kept one duck as a pet before. You will need duck diapers and similar accessories. A possibility but probably a bad idea.
I dunno. Do some research on house ducks, see what you think.

The best option would be to get Mister Rambo a new mistress, preferable an adult duck, not a duckling. Not to replace Thumper but to fill the hole left by her. You had two ducks before, why not again??? It would be the most healthy thing in the long run for Rambo, aside from rehoming him that is.

Ducks are social creatures, they need interaction to be healthy. I'm not saying you can't keep a lone duck, because you could might be able to make it work BUT the best thing for Rambo hands down would be another duck. :)

Simple as that.
I think in your situation, consider keeping him closer - an unbreakable mirror sometimes helps.

You may want to help him make the best of things, and keep feelers out for someone who would provide him with a good home.

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