One missing chicken, one injured, please help with injury/treatment!

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  1. Jster

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    Dec 11, 2007
    One of our birds didn't report to the coop last night, and we couldn't find her anywhere. They free range on our property and the nearby woods (we're on 3 woods enclosed acres). We've seen an occasional fox but never had them attack. Yet. But this morning we were looking over the other chickens and one has a large wound on her side/leg. She's walking fine, it appears to be in the muscle but not bothering her too much, but it's definitely gross. She also has a puncture wound on the top of her back.


    From what I've been reading, we need to clean it, treat it with neosporin or betadine, and bluekote. Will the bluekote stick over the neosporin or betadine? Also, should I isolate her, or is it okay to keep her out with the other chickens? She's walking fine and I think that would be good for her spirits. We'll keep a close eye on their behavior. And also, we're not leaving the chickens outside alone. If we leave, they've got to be cooped, and at that point I think I'll set the injured chicken up in her own little coop, I don't want them to get bored and start pecking her. Any other thoughts and suggestions? I feel really bad about her injury and our missing girl...

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    If flies are still present you will have to confine her where they can not get at her.

    Wound treatment, flush the wound with betadine, get up under the skin on her leg to make sure any debris is rinsed out. That wound will need stitching its too open, too large to heal on its own. It would probably be a very wise move to start injecting her with PennG to stave off infection.

    For the puncture, same thing. Flush with Betadine, pack with antibiotic ointment. You might have to pluck some feathers but covering it with gauze would be a good idea.

    As to isolation, you can give her a friend. A bird that she seems to be most bonded to, but don't use a rooster since nature will surely cause him to mount her.

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