One more newbie from Cali!! - San Diego style


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6 Years
Sep 16, 2013
Howdy y'all!! Mostly new to this chicken thing and lovin every minute of it! Stoked on all the info! Our ladies and one soon-to-be chicken dinner are getting ready to lay some eggs soon! We started out with 2 Ameraucana's (one of those chicks turned rooster on us) and 2 Dominique's, but we only lasted three weeks before we went back to the feed store for two Silver Laced Wyandottes. Then that lasted 5 weeks and we ordered one more Ameraucana, one more SLW and a Speckled Sussex. Since one of the original SLW is looking so rooster, we hope the final tally will be 7 hens and 2 dinners. Yay! We are rabbit sitting at the same time to see how the chickens and rabbit get along before we get our own. So far so good!! Anyway, glad to be here and love all the stories and info. Thanks!!
Glad you joined us! Good luck with your chickens!

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