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    Received 14 BCM eggs today, bought off E-bay. My earlier attempt with shipped BCM eggs in a LG only hatched 1 chick. Think this time I will do things a little different and divide the eggs under two hens that are already setting and take their eggs and put in the LG. This way I can see if I get a better hatch rate naturally. Only risk is hen abandoning the nest early or some varmint breaking up the clutch. Americana hen has already hatched one batch this Summer and after the chicks were one month old I turned her out of brooder and she went right back to laying and then went broody again. The other hen is an interesting cross- Americana/ Black Austrolop. She lays xtra large eggs that are a dark grey or olive drab color. Wish me luck as this is my last attempt at getting a start of BCM's this year. Have heard that BCM eggs are a little harder to hatch due to the thickness of the shells, anyone have any input on this?

  2. Hi! Good luck! If your shipped eggs are fertile and viable after being shipped, then the hens should do well hatching them.
    If you have your broody penned 'away from the flock' and she is sitting tight, then all the viable eggs will grow.
    Yaay for chicks!

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