One of my 3 goslings is very timid, almost fearful.


10 Years
Jul 26, 2009
The oldest one and the youngest one seem very socialized and want attention. The middle one, that is a week old tonight, is much more timid, and seems almost fearful of movement, etc.

So, what can I do, other than gentle reassurance?

Do you think she'll grow out of it?
I have found that each gosling has its own personality and you can have differences just as you describe. Some do seem to be more timid and "spook" easily by any abrupt movement. The more timid goslings do get better as they get older as they get more comfortable with you and familiar with their surroundings
We also have one that is much more fearful. As she has gotten a little older we have found that she may be our best alarmist. She is the first to notice anything a little different in their surroundings. I spent a little more time with her away from the others, cuddling her and that seemed to work to get her to not be so fearful of us humans. Yesterday, we had assembled a dog kennel and we took out a blue tarp to place over the top. We had set this on the ground and she had come over hollering about the big bad blue thing on the ground. It was very cute.
Well, she's warming up quite a bit to me, but is still pretty fearful of anything unfamiliar.
One of my three brown Africans has suddenly become timid when we get around them. When cornered she will set down and pull her head in looking down at the ground. When I pick her up she keeps that head down. She wasn't like that until a few days ago. She is only a few weeks old though, so maybe it is just a phase or something. Other than that she acts just as normal as the other two.
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